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B2B Day 1 – Home to Germany… on four wheels

Day 1 – Saturday 11 June

Today’s the day we’re off! It started sub-optimally as my young dog Poppy still wasn’t herself. I took her for a quick walk around the block and she seemed perkier – and we then left her with my in-laws for ten days whilst we swanned off on holiday!

The original plan was to get the ferry to Hoek van Holland and then drive to our start point, Spay near Koblenz. However the ferry was pretty expensive so we decided in the end that we would go by the channel tunnel which added about 150 miles’ driving but cost overall about £200 less.

So we left home at 8:30am this morning with a car full of bikes; a vehicle with 4 wheels on the exterior and 6 inside.

We had a good journey to the tunnel, ate our sandwiches whilst under the channel, then drove through France and Belgium:

Where we had a weird motorway-services-quality bowl of soup in Belgium which cost over 11 Euros for two, so motorway prices are a rip off in Belgium too.

We crossed into Germany at Aachen.

Once we were in Germany it was very familiar territory – Köln, Bonn, Bad Breisig, Koblenz… There were lots of fast BMW drivers in Germany of course (we passed signs to the Nürburgring which may have had something to do with it) and somehow the Autobahn felt less safe and comfortable than it had in Belgium. However we arrived without incident on one tank of fuel (unusual for my thirsty car) having done 430 miles.

We got to the hotel at 6pm, unpacked the bikes and checked all was well:

We did a quick quarter mile cycle ride to the railway station so we know where we’re going tomorrow morning, then locked the bikes away in the Fahrradgarage.

We and enjoyed a wonderful evening meal at the Alter Posthof Hotel (I had Wiener Schnitzel, James had Coq au Vin).

Tomorrow we have a lot of travelling on trains – four different trains, about seven hours in total – but it should be bearable and then we’re pedal power or car from then on.

Weather forecast is rain for Monday so I will get wet probably!


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B2B – All packed and ready to go!

The day before the tour!

After a previously-unscheduled trip to the vets for something unspeakable to be done to Poppy (anal glands emptied!) and after finishing off some urgent work, I was finally in holiday mode! This involved packing (doesn’t take long when you’ve only got two panniers), changing the bike tyres (which James did for me), photographing the two bikes for the header for this blog, then putting them in the car ready for an early start tomorrow.

Weather forecast is looking pretty good, so in deference to my Englishness I have left the mudguards behind (they rattle annoyingly). This, of course, panders to all the preconceptions of Germans like Olaf Storbeck who insist that British cyclists are a strange breed for foregoing mudguards whenever possible. So I’m hoping for nothing more than showers during our cycling days; I have packed a packaway waterproof jacket just in case, however.

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Auntie Helen’s 4th German Tour – Bayreuth to Bingen (Richard to Hildegard)

I’m off to the Fatherland again with my husband James on a tour of the whole Main river and a bit of the Rhein to celebrate a significant birthday (I shall be 40!)

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 11 June – driving from home via Le Tunnel to Spay (just south of Koblenz) where we’re staying overnight and leaving the car. The Alter Posthof Hotel in Spay is fab (used on the tour last year with the Wowbaggers and also the previous year when I cycled the Main with Pippa).

Sunday 12 June – train from Spay to Bayreuth. Four trains and a total of about seven hours on trains with some gaps for food in-between.

Monday 13 June – Bayreuth to Lichtenfels.

Tuesday 14 June – Lichtenfels to Eltmann

Wednesday 15 June – Eltmann to Volkach

Thursday 16 June – Volkach to Ochsenfurt

Friday 17 June – Ochsenfurt to Gemünden

Saturday 18 June – Gemünden to Wertheim and some birthday cake!

Sunday 19 June – Wertheim to Obernburg

Monday 20 June – Obernburg to Steinheim, we hop on the S-Bahn (local overland train) to avoid Frankfurt-am-Main (I remember previously riding with Pippa on some awful surfaces that faffed around the airport, plus had to carry the trike over some bridges and stuff; not fun so we’re bypassing that bit)

We get off the S-Bahn at Mainz and then cycle to Eltville, a rather pretty Rheinisch village (which happens to be where a classical singer that I stalk lives). We are now on the Rhein river, rather than the Main.

Tuesday 21 June – Eltville to Spay. On this journey we pass through Bingen, thus the thread title. We occasionally sing Hildegard von Bingen stuff in our church choir which is cool.

We have another night in the wonderful Spay hotel and then drive home the next day.

I will attempt to update this blog daily with my travels and various photos, if the technology all works in my favour!



Here are the links to my daily blogs on this tour.

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The trip to Germany by car.

Spay to Bayreuth by train.

Bayreuth to Lichtenfels.

Lichtenfels to Eltmann.

Eltmann to Volkach.

Volkach to Ochsenfurt.

Ochsenfurt to Gemünden.

Gemünden to Wertheim.

Wertheim to Obernburg.

Obernburg to Eltville am Rhein.

Eltville to Spay.





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