About Me

I’m a keen cyclist who particularly likes visiting Germany, with or without bicycle!

Auntie Helen and Alfie in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

I ride a recumbent tricycle due to a slight disability in my left arm which means I can’t lean on it too much. Since I bought my trikes and Velomobile I’ve found how much I love riding and go out as much as I can.

In 2009 I cycled over 12,000 miles. Since then I’ve been doing fewer miles (8000 in 2010, 5000 in 2011, 8000 in 2012, 8000 in 2013, 6000 in 2014) due to various other parts of life getting in the way.

I have two trikes and a velomobile. The first trike, my Trice Q, was bought in May 2008 just after I moved to the north Essex countryside. This trike has now done just over 25,000 miles.

The second trike, Alfie, is an ICE Sprint with a few modifications (Alfine 11 hub gear, SON dynohub in the front right hand wheel) and I bought him in June 2011.

The velomobile, a Flevobike Versatile, was bought in January 2014 second hand.

And as for Germany… well, the land of Torte und Kuchen (cake and cake!) is always a great place to visit or indeed to live, as I will be doing in 2014. Berlin is my favourite bit of Germany but everywhere else is a reasonable second.

In between cycling and eating German cake I work freelance for a UK book and record distribution company and do lots of book reviews as a hobby.

Auntie Helen and Trice Q at Bayreuth

3 Responses to About Me

  1. I was a cyclist most of my life. My wife and i did seven bicycle tours in Germany and loved them all (as well as countless bicycle tours around the world). Not only am I amazed at your cycling achievements, but I find the high quality of your computer presentation absolutely astounding. The first recumbent machine I ever saw was in Germany when we came upon a recumbent club and there was a bundle of hitherto unseen mixture of bicycle wheels and people dressed as cyclists.

    I noticed you comments about Tommy Goodwin and his annual world mileage record and was a bit disappointed to see that no mention was made of Tommy Chambers. This Tommy, the Glasgow one, held the world record for a long time. I first met Tommy out on the road during the war and on many other occasions throughout Scotland. Tommy was quite a character and always a pleasure to ride with.

    I no longer ride my bike, but let me say I find your web site for me a great source of entertainment… you have done a great job here, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how you find the time to do all this. Cheers, John Milloy, late of the Glasgow Regent Cycling Club.

  2. Paul McMonagle

    Hi there been following links on recumbent bikes and found you, don’t suppose you still have the Trice Q for sale.

    • Hi Paul. I suppose technically yes but at the moment it’s here in Germany being borrowed by a good friend. If she decides she no longer wants to ride it then I will work at selling it again but that could be a while.

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