Trikes and Velomobiles

In my recumbent cycling life (which started in mid-2007) I have owned two recumbent trikes and four velomobiles.

Over the years I have written lots of blog posts about these bikes, including information about servicing, maintenance, fitting electric motors and more. A listing of all the relevant posts is below – trikes first, then velomobiles.

If you want to see a list of tours done with these various bikes, please look at Cycle Tours (which include day rides).


Alfie the ICE Sprint

Alfie the trike is here!
A new home for Alfie!
Alfie going in for repair… well, his back wheel.
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the wrong oil)
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the correct oil)
10,000 miles of slow sprinting!
A winter service
A Heath Robinson repair for rattly mudguards!
Changing the Alfine 11 sprocket
Fitting a replacement chain tensioner
How to bake, boil, freeze and drown your brakes
Replacing the track rods on my ICE Sprint
Alfie gets another Alfine
New touring luggage – Radical Banana Bags (Large)!
Cycling with the dog on board
How to remove a stubborn wheel!
40,000 miles and a change of tyres
And another Alfine hub change, plus new rim and spokes, after some leakage. It’s now a black hub!
Alfie gets an electric motor

Other trikes

ICE Trike with Falco e-motor
Steintrikes Wild One – Changing the front wheels


Penelope the Versatile

Auntie Helen buys a Velomobile
Why did I choose a Versatile? And what are they like?
Penelope moves to Germany

1000 Versatile Miles
Penelope gets a makeover (new lights and a vinyl wrap)
Penelope for sale

Millie the Milan GT

Auntie Helen buys another Velomobile
Fitting a Schlumpf Mountain Drive into a Milan Velomobile
Pimp my Milan (some adjustments at in Belgium)
Millie Goes Electric: fitting a Bafang electric motor

Humphrey the Quattrovelo

Humphrey the Quattrovelo is here

Celeste the Strada (Klaus’s Velomobile)

A new Velomobile and a 201km ride
Pimp my Velomobile – Celeste the Strada gets new suspension

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