Cycle Tours

Germans have the same word for a cycle tour and a cycle ride (Radtour). In English “a”cycle tour” suggests several days with overnight stops and a “cycle ride” is a one-day thing. I will take the German usage here and so my cycle tours listed include some holidays when I stayed in one place and did several day rides.

Since my first tour in 2009 I have toured thousands of kilometres in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as short trips into Austria, Switzerland and the UK too. Here is a list of all my cycle tours arranged by date.

2009Mosel and Rhine TourTrike
2009Main and Rhine TourTrike
2010Mosel and Rhine with the WowbaggersTrike
2011Bayreuth to BingenTrike
2012Berlin to LondonTrike
2013Konstanz to KoblenzTrike
2013Romantische StraßeTrike
2015SPEZI Rhein TourTrike
2015Ruhrtal TourTrike
2016Rhine Maas TourTrike
2017Christi Himmelfahrt TourTrike
20173 Days, 3 Cities, 3 CountriesVelomobile
2018Rhein Waal Maas TourVelomobile
2018Round the Netherlands TourVelomobile
2019Klaus’s Birthday Castle TourVelomobile
2019Bodensee (Lake Constance)Velomobile
2020Kylltal and MoselTrike

I have also written some specific blog posts about day rides that were particularly special.

June 2012: Birthday ride around Suffolk
July 2013: Breakfast with Velomobiles
May 2013: Some ups and downs in Essex and Suffolk
June 2013: The Joy of Essex
August 2013: Dinner with Velomobiles
August 2013: The Joy of Essex 2
October 2013: A ride around Thaxted, Dunmow and Stansted Airport
April 2014: Penelope goes to Wachtendonk
April 2014: Penelope goes to Schwalmtal
April 2014: Penelope goes to Straelen
April 2014: Penelope goes to the Rhine at Orsoy/Walsum
April 2014: Penelope goes to Hinsbeck
May 2014: Penelope goes to Venlo
May 2014: Alfie goes to Xanten and Wesel
May 2014: Trike Treffen, Schwalmtal
May 2014: Penelope does the Tour des Monads
June 2014: Trice Q goes to Colchester
July 2014: Alfie goes to Burg Linn, Krefeld
July 2014: Alfie goes to the Maas River
July 2014: Alfie does the Tour des Monats in Kreis Viersen
August 2014: 4 Rides, 3 Countries, 400 kilometres
September 2014: Alfie does the Ruhrpott Tour
September 2014: Alfie rides the Vennbahnradweg
October 2014: Alfie rides the Sauerlandradring
March 2016: A new Velomobile and a 201km ride
December 2016: Oliebollentocht 2016
December 2018: Oliebollentocht 2018
May 2019: Grensland Tour
December 2019: Oliebollentocht 2019

I hope you enjoy reading these reports over the years.

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