Düsseldorf 2010

In July 2010 I spent a month in the German city of Düsseldorf at a language school.

Of course, whilst I was there I took every opportunity to go out on my trike and explore.

And this is what I found…

4 July – A trip from Düsseldorf to Köln (Cologne)
7 July – A trip to Neuss including lots of bridges
8 July – up a hill to Erkrath
9 July – another trip to Neuss
10 July – Up the Rhein to Duisburg
11 July – Düsseldorf Altstadt
12 July – To Neuss and Zons (including a ferry)
13 July – experiencing the Wuppertal Schwebebahn
14 July – Punctures and the Altstadt
15 July – A visit to the Unterbacher See
16 July – No words, just pictures – including an HP Velotechnik Skorpion
17 July – a quick spin to the south of Düsseldorf
18 July – A train to Overwinter and a ride along the Rhein
19 July – A short Altstadt trip
20 July – a trip to Neukirchen
21 July – Neuss and Zons again
22 July – The Altstadt and the Helter Skelter Bridge
23 July – The Unterbacher See again
24 July – A trip to Krefeld
25 July – from Venlo to Düsseldorf on three wheels
27 July – The Erft Valley
28 July – Around Neuss

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