Düsseldorf – Around Neuss

The weather forecast for today was a significant electrical storm but it looked OK out of the window (dark clouds but dry) at 7am so I decided to go out riding straight away to try to avoid the worst of the weather.

I decided to go alongside the Rhein on the good cycle path to the Altstadt and then decide when I got there what to do next (dependent on whether it was raining). I had my waterproof with me, which was needed as it was a bill chilly at 7:15am.

I have noticed several times some graffiti on a bridge but not photographed it, so I thought I’d give it a go today.

Dunno the story behind this – “Tell my wife I love her very much she knows” – hope it wasn’t someone who jumped off the bridge.

I knew that the cycle path on the other side of the Rhein near Neuss is a bit complicated but couldn’t remember where the complication started (i.e. whether I would encounter it on my way back following my plan to cross over at the Kardinal-Frings-Brücke). The answer is yes, I had lots of cycling along paths beside busy roads and crossing tram tracks. There is a short cut across Neuss harbour but I couldn’t find my way up onto the bridge that goes over the harbour so had to give up. The main Rhein route isn’t signposted that way anyway.

As I crossed the bridge back to the Düsseldorf side of the river I thought I’d photograph this sign:

It’s a bicycle friendly town, you see, and it really is. Although so is everywhere else, from what I have experienced.

26 miles today, and I bought some blackforest gateau on the way home and ate it with a cup of tea back in my room. Yummy.

A couple of photos from yesterday, too. This is the road near where my language class is taking place – they seem to be relaying a bridge/tram section and it all looked very complicated.


  1. Isn’t the graffiti a quote from Space Oddity? They probably couldn’t reach far enough along the bridge for the rest of the song.

  2. have you still got the picture of the bridge with the “Tell my wife I love her very much she knows” on it? i live in düsseldorf and i have made a picture of that bridge too, but i searched for it in my photos for about hours and i can’t find it anyore 🙁
    can you send it to me? my emailadress is given herewith.

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