Düsseldorf – Erft Valley

Despite the weather forecast last night suggesting we were in for more rain this morning, when I looked out of the window at 7am it looked reasonable, so I decided to venture out a bit further afield today.

I decided it would be nice to redo my Erft Valley ride, but this time the other way round (i.e. the less interesting part first, finishing off with the attractive river section).

I set off at 8:15 wearing a windproof jacket and with my packaway waterproof in my pannier – I didn’t trust that we wouldn’t have another downpour again.

The first fifteen miles of this twenty-five mile route aren’t that exciting, mainly on paths alongside mediumly-busy roads. The motorway bridge across the Rhein, along which I cycled, was VERY busy with all the rush hour traffic. Things soon quietened down when I got away from the busier roads as I wended my way through Rosellerheide and Neukirchen.

In the tiny village of Helpenstein I spotted this interestingly small chapel.

I went round the back and found a couple of benches and a locked door.

But peering through the glass pane in the door I saw this rather lovely window.

I continued on, finding myself now riding alongside the river Erft. I went past this very posh building which seemed to be a mixture of houses and perhaps businesses but I presume used to be a Kloster or something.

I stopped on a bridge over the Erft to enjoy the scenery.

Then, a bit further on, my way was blocked by a lorry and a digger. Being Germany, there had been no warning of this (and there was no signposted alternative route), but, also being Germany, the digger driver moved back a bit so I could squeeze past. They’re less interested in health & safety here.

Although the sun was now out, it was still fairly cold; I was wearing shorts but would have preferred longs really. Still, the rain had kept away, which was good stuff.

After a brief trip to the shops for a salad for lunch I made my way home. Awaiting, with bated breath, the post.


An emergency ration parcel from home, containing:

Which is a real relief as I was down to my last teabag!

I made myself a fab brew when I got in, washed down with a nutty pastry thingie I had bought (but forgot to photograph before I ate it). Yum.

Three more morning rides here before I return to England.

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