Düsseldorf – Krefeld

Today, being Saturday, was a chance for a longer ride. But not too long, as I’m planning to go to Venlo (Netherlands) by train tomorrow and cycle back which will be a 50 mile day.

I decided this morning that I’ve been unfair to the north part of Düsseldorf after my less successful visit to Duisburg a couple of weeks ago, so I’d give it another chance – not going all the way to Duisburg but turning round at Krefeld.

So, off I set, in some light drizzle and wearing longs and a windproof top – English cycling clothing that I haven’t needed so far during the Düsseldorf heatwave, which has now broken. I followed my usual route along the Rhein past the garden centre at Flehe. A large flock of sheep and goats had appeared overnight and were presumably cutting the grass.

I crossed the river opposite the Altstadt. Here’s a view of the posh front of Düsseldorf from the bridge.

And this is the big funfair which opened last night (with half an hour of fireworks I could hear from my room 4 miles away)

I followed my previous route towards Krefeld, including crossing the super-narrow bridge. The photo I took last time didn’t come out for some unfathomable reason so I took a few more.

My trike is about the maximum width to fit through there!

I thought last time I had visited Krefeld but I hadn’t quite as it’s not beside the river but slightly inland. Instead I had visited Uerdingen, but as it was a nice place I thought I’d stop and have lunch there. I plumped for an English Breakfast, which vaguely resembled an English Breakfast but not quite (the bacon wasn’t quite right, only two small pieces of toast, but the eggs were OK. But where was the sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, tomatoes, fried bread?…)

Still it gave me some fuel after 20 miles, and my own teabag meant I had a decent cuppa too.

I crossed the bridge at Uerdingen to return to the eastern bank of the Rhein. This is looking back on Krefeld’s docks.

This is looking back at the bridge now I had set off southwards towards Düsseldorf.

I passed Kaiserswerth, the airport (lots of low-flying jets overhead) and made my way through fields and villages. At one point I saw a pair of floating markers on the Rhein but I don’t know what they mean; undoubtedly James will.

As I approached Düsseldorf Altstadt the traffic (bicycle, walking and rollerblading) increased significantly. Fortunately the day was warmer and I no longer needed my windproof, but it was still a little overcast at times.

I saw this rather amusing set of pennants advertising a Düsseldorf boat place (boot in German) – I think the designer hadn’t thought what it would look like from the wrong side:

Loads of people were using the funfair and there was a boat taking people across the river directly to it.

I also passed these Dutch beer bicycles.

And stopped on the little pedestrian bridge over the Hafen to watch this sailing boat try to make headway against the tide.

There was a pretty strong wind blowing southwards (i.e. helping him) but he really wasn’t making much progress. Just after I took this second shot he turned round and went back the other way at great speed.

I stopped off at the café whose owner has a HP Velotechnik Skorpion recumbent trike for some food – this time Apfelkuchen. The orangey colour is from the sunshade.

When I got home (via the supermarket) I had done 45 miles. The weather’s cheered up nicely now and I have a nice quiet evening in with the Pride & Prejudice DVDs…

One interesting thing I noticed – my weekly mileage whilst here in Düsseldorf is remarkably consistent. Take a look at this screenshot from Ascent which breaks July down into weeks:

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