Düsseldorf – Neuss again

The weather forecast today was a scorcher (36 degrees) and I decided to do a shorter ride today as I got up a bit later and had to do some homework first.

Today’s route was a 20 miler following yet another GPSies track.

The beginning was cycling a fair way through Düsseldorf itself and I found some very quaint streets, such as this one – with one-way streets either side of a mini stream.

Once I crossed the river I was in the container depot area which was distinctly unattractive. Miles of concrete, loads of containers, even some litter (unusual for Germany).

Still, the cycle paths were still generally OK.

I passed this very unusual church; initially I thought it was some kind of bunker from the war or the cold war; perhaps it was, and it has been reordered for church use – or perhaps someone wanted to design a rather unusual church from scratch.

The loop in the Neuss side of Düsseldorf soon brought me back alongside the Rhein and I passed two bridges before finally crossing. The first bridge

The second:

As I crossed the third bridge, a huge funfair was being set up and it was interesting to look down on all the equipment.

And here is a view along the bridge.

The track I was following wasn’t particularly precise (I think it had a fairly low number of trackpoints) and after I mis-read it a few times I decided to just get my Garmin to choose me the best route home, which it did very effectively. I stopped off at Plus Markt for a fresh baguette and for the very important Erdbeer-Schnitte, the first that I’ve had this visit to Germany,.

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