Düsseldorf – Neuss – Zons

This morning’s trip was a shortish one, a little circuit over the Rhein using the ferry at Zons again.

This time I followed a different route in Neuss and arrived at the ferry after 10 miles.

When I used the ferry last Sunday it was chock-a-block but today it was just me, another cyclist and one car. The other cyclist, being an elderly German chap, had removed his shirt.  Roll Eyes

When I was back on the eastern side of the Rhein I skirted around Schloss Benrath which was rather lovely.

It was no cycling directly around it so I parked the trike up and used my feet to get a closer look.

The route back through the outskirts of Düsseldorf took me again down the cyclepath underpass which involves steps, previously mentioned. I carried my trike down all 34 steps.

Just as I was approaching ‘home’ I took a different route around Friedhof Eller and came across this rather lovely building.

When I got back it was just starting to rain so I quickly disassembled the trike and stored it in the car. We had a massive electrical storm which caused utter chaos for public transport as trees and branches were blown around. Only half the class made it to the German lesson. It had dried enough that I went to German by bike again and stayed dry on the way there and back.

Tomorrow is the Schwebebahn at Wuppertal!

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