Romantic Road

The Romantische Straße – Germany’s Romantic Road

Daily reports

4-6 September 2013: Home to Füssen by ferry, car and train
7 September 2013 – Füssen to Schongau
8 September 2013 – Schongau to Königsbrunn
9 September 2013 – Königsbrunn to Meitingen
10 September 2013 – Meitingen to Harburg
11 September 2013 – Harburg to Dinkelsbühl
12 September 2013 – Dinkelsbühl to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
13 September 2013 – Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Bad Mergentheim
14 September 2013 – Bad Mergentheim to Würzburg

Map of our progress

this map has our daily positions plotted.
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Twenty years ago this October James and I got married. For our 15th wedding anniversary we took a boat trip along the Mosel and Rhein which was great fun and which kindled my interest in cycle touring in Germany (I could see, from the boat, how good the cycle paths along the river were). So fast-forward five years and it’s time for another celebratory holiday together and this time we decided on the Romantische Straße or Romantic Road in Germany.

We’re having a very leisurely cycle over a week from Füssen in the south of Bavaria to Würzburg in the north of Bavaria, with some travel time each side to get to the start/end points. Most days are under 40 miles by bike so it should give us plenty of time to see the sights.


We’re setting off from home on the overnight ferry on Wednesday 4 September, driving from Hoek van Holland to Würzburg the following day. We’ll leave our car at the hotel in Würzburg and get the train to Füssen, the start point of the ride, on Friday 6 September. The total train journey time is four and a half hours, with a half hour wait on a platform at Buchloe where we change trains once. At Füssen we spend the night before heading off along the Romantic Road, starting Saturday 7 September.
Day 1: Füssen to Schongau (33 miles)
Day 2: Schongau to Königsbrunn (42 miles)
Day 3: Königsbrunn to Meitingen (35 miles)
Day 4: Meitingen to Harburg (40 miles)
Day 5: Harburg to Dinkelsbühl (39 miles)
Day 6: Dinkelsbühl to Rothenburg (37 miles)
Day 7: Rothenburg to Bad Mergentheim (30 miles)
Day 8: Bad Mergentheim to Würzburg (39 miles)

To view a map of the entire route which you can zoom in on, go here:

I will also be writing a daily blog (of course!) with pictures of our travels and of all the German cakes and other lovely food that we sample. Mind you, with a ride of only 35-40 miles per day the cakes might have a bit of an effect on the waistline!

As for bikes, I’ll be taking Alfie the ICE Sprint of course and James will be on his Aravis Super-Tourist upright bike.

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