SPEZI Rhine Tour 2015

Having visited SPEZI Radmesse (Special bike exhibition) in 2014 just after I arrived in Germany, I hatched a plan to cycle down the Rhine to the 2015 version (it takes place in Germersheim, just south of Speyer, a nice 450km ride).

The plan grew and changed, as these things do, and ended up as five recumbent tricyclists (four Brits and a German) riding together to SPEZI. One of our number, Nigel, would then head further south as part of a much longer tour but the rest of us would ride back to Kempen together.

The tour begins on Day 0, Sunday 19 April 2015, when I collect Simon and Joyce from Venlo and take them to their hotel in Kempen. The tour starts properly, when I leave my house in Kempen, on Monday 20 April.

Day 0 – Venlo to Kempen (Sunday 19 April 2015)

Day 1 – Kempen to Düsseldorf-Zons (Monday 20 April 2015)

Day 2 – Düsseldorf-Zons to Bad Breisig

Day 3 – Bad Breisig to St Goar

Day 4 – St Goar to Nierstein

Day 5 – Nierstein to Speyer

Day 6 – SPEZI Radmesse

Day 7 – Speyer to Worms

Day 8 – Worms to Eltville

Day 9 – Eltville to Spay

Day 10 – Spay to Bad Honnnef

Day 11 – Bad Honnef to Hitdorf

Day 12 – Hitdorf to Kempen, the tour ends.

If you can read German you can also read a shorter write-up of the tour by Klaus: Tour am Rhein Teil 1 and Tour am Rhein Teil 2


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