Kempen-Usedom-Berlin-Kempen Tour 2017

The plan is at the beginning of June 2017 for Klaus and I to ride from Kempen to the Ostsee (Baltic) at Usedom, then ride to Berlin and then back to Kempen, a total distance of 1767km, in two weeks. This will be in our velomobiles, my Milan GT Carbon and Klaus’s Strada.

I hope to write reports of each day (although probably quite short) here. When a report is available there will be hyperlinks below so you can click to read the report.

Day 1: Kempen to Bad Bentheim
Day 2: Bad Bentheim to Oldenburg
Day 3: Oldenburg to Glückstadt
Day 4: Glückstadt to Grevesmühlen
Day 5: Grevesmühlen to Ribnitz-Damgarten
Day 6: Ribnitz-Damgarten to Usedom
Day 7: Rest day on Usedom
Day 8: Usedom to Waldsee
Day 9: Waldsee to Berlin-Spandau
Day 10: Rest day in Berlin
Day 11: Berlin-Spandau to Brandeburg an der Havel
Day 12: Brandenburg an der Havel to Grafhorst
Day 13: Grafhorst to Steinhude
Day 14: Steinhude to Rheine
Day 15: Rheine to Kempen

Any comments gratefully received!

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