Kempen-Usedom-Berlin-Kempen Day 10: Rest day in Berlin

Today is a special day – 200 years since the invention of the bicycle (and in Mannheim where Klaus was born). And to celebrate… we didn’t cycle at all!!

Despite being on our rest day we still woke up at 06:30, having settled very much into the routine of cycle touring.

Breakfast in our hotel was priced at 17,50€ per person so we walked into Spandau to find a bakery. We found a deal with breakfast for two for 13€ so enjoyed that.

After breakfast we went for a stroll around Spandau (after buying some batteries for the radios and superglue for Celeste’s visor). We walked through a park beside the river.

We spent a long time watching the lock on the river Havel with lots of boats. There was a lock here in the 1500s!

Then we walked round to the Zitadelle, another impressive structure built over 400 years ago.

We found a nice secluded Italian restaurant for lunch in an Innenhof behind some buildings where the wind was less strong.

It felt like a very restful day and I had a bit of a sleep in the afternoon.

In the evening we went out for dinner with Lars (son of my landlady) and Lucas his partner to a sushi restaurant. 

It was a lovely evening with them and it was good to hear stories of life in Berlin from them.

It has been a relaxing day but I am looking forward to tomorrow’s ride visiting again some famous Berlin landmarks but the first time by Velomobile. 

Here is Klaus’s short report of the day: 

Heute war Ruhetag angesagt….Ruhe hieß in diesem Falle, wir haben unsere Velomobile in Ruhe gelassen. Ein bisschen in Spandau geschlendert und abends Sushi gegessen. Morgen früh machen wir eine Sightseeing Tour durch Berlin und nach schon 100 Kilometer werden wir unser Tagesziel in Brandenburg an der Havel erreicht haben (so ist unser Plan).

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