Mosel 2009 – Harwich to home

Day 11 – Wednesday 3rd June

Distance: 15.63 miles; time: 1:18:10; Average speed: 12.0 mph; Max speed: 26.9 mph

So… I woke up and looked out of the window across to the Shotley peninsula. Yes, we were docked at Harwich. I collected my trike, disembarked and then cycled the fifteen miles home along the A120 (fast route rather than scenic country lanes). It was rather enjoyable to be able to go fast on the road and not weave my way around a cycle path.

I stopped off for some milk in Wix and found various people chatting to me – perhaps it was the early hour and they were feeling friendly as they went to fetch their newspapers, or perhaps it’s that they don’t see a laden recumbent tricycle with German and British flag on it very often.

Anyway, I got home safe and sound, set off all my cycling clothes to wash and played catch-up on the computer.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the cycling holiday, saw some fab scenery and ate some good food. I didn’t spend all my cash and didn’t even have a puncture. I hope to do another tour in the near future but for more than a few days I think I need to tag along with a group!

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