Cycling in England

Most of my blog posts are about my cycle tours in Germany but I do occasionally write posts whilst cycling in Britain. Here is a selection of some of them.

Breakfast with velomobiles – Meeting three velomobiles and a recumbent bike on their way to cycle from London to Edinburgh and back again in four and a half days

Dinner with velomobiles – meeting the same group of intrepid cyclists on their way back to Harwich, this time for dinner!

• And what happened in the meantime? I volunteered at a control during the race where I bumped into two of them again.

I’ve also led or participated in lots of rides over my 5+ years of cycling, here are some reports of a couple of these:

A ride with chums around Saffron Walden in October 2013

The Joy Of Essex – a ride in August 2013 round some attractive bits of Essex

The Joy Of Essex 2 – the last ride was so popular I organised another one for September!

Some ups and downs in Essex and Suffolk – I found myself taking two German ladies for a ride around Essex and Suffolk.

Recumbent tricycling with a dog on board!

Birthday ride around Suffolk!

After I had been living in Germany for three months I returned to the UK which included a short ride to Colchester. Trice Q goes to Colchester.

I also decided to keep a diary of my cake consumption at the beginning of 2013 to see if my cycling energy expended counteracted the cake calories ingested. You decide!

2013 cycling/cake diary – January

2013 cycling/cake diary – February

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