My husband James is a keen sailor and took part in a charity sailing trip around the British Isles in the summer of 2014.

The sailing boat is Tante Helena, the boat that we used to own. Its new owner Alan Sinfield had been planning the long sailing trip for a few years and decided to do it as a charitable event following various cancer treatments.

This is Tante Helen’s webpage:

Alan had some friends to sail the first half of the trip (up the east coast of England to Scotland) with him and the plan was for James to join them in Scotland and sail the west coast of Scotland, Ireland and the Scillies and back to the south coast of England.

Alan's Map

The trip was duly completed and James has written reports of the trip which will be available here shortly.

Part I – Scotland
Part II – Ireland
Part III – The Isles of Scilly
Part IV – The South Coast of England

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