Alfie the Trike

Alfie, the ICE Sprint

Summary of Alfie the Trike posts:
Alfie the trike is here!
A new home for Alfie!
Alfie going in for repair… well, his back wheel.
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the wrong oil)
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the correct oil)
10,000 miles of slow sprinting!
A winter service
A Heath Robinson repair for rattly mudguards!
Changing the Alfine 11 sprocket
Fitting a replacement chain tensioner
How to bake, boil, freeze and drown your brakes
New touring luggage – Radical Banana Bags (Large)!
Cycling with the dog on board
How to remove a stubborn wheel!
40,000 miles and a change of tyres
And another Alfine hub change, plus new rim and spokes, after some leakage. It’s now a black hub!
Alfie gets an electric motor

I have owned a Trice Q since May 2008 and have cycled over 40,000 kilometres with it.

As my 40th birthday approached I decided an ideal present would be a new ICE trike, this time a Sprint, but with some non-standard parts.

I had lots of long conversations with ICE (Inspired Cycled Engineering) about what would suit me best and they gave lots of advice. I didn’t take all of their advice of course, as I had already decided to have an internal hub gear which they are less keen on, but in due course the trike was fully specified, ordered and then it arrived.

Above is the list of blog posts I have written over the many years of owning Alfie (with whom I have now cycled almost 45,000 kilometres), although he is less used now due to my Velomobile habit.


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