Penelope the Velomobile

After owning two ICE recumbent trikes for six years and 45,000 miles or 73,000km, I decided to buy something with a bit more weather protection for our cold, windy and rainy winters in the UK and Germany.

Meet Penelope the Purple Peril, a Flevobike Versatile.

Auntie Helen buys a Velomobile

Why did I choose a Versatile? And what are they like?

Penelope moves to Germany

Penelope goes to Wachtendonk
Penelope goes to Schwalmtal
Penelope goes to Straelen
Penelope goes to the Rhine at Orsoy/Walsum
Penelope goes to Hinsbeck
Penelope goes to Venlo
Penelope does the Tour des Monats im Kreis Viersen, May 2014
Penelope gets a makeover (new lights and a vinyl wrap)

Penelope was a wonderful introduction to Velomobiles but in October 2016 I purchased a Milan which I named Millie, and after this Penelope was rarely used. I sold her in 2017 and she now has a new lease of life and is being regularly used.


  1. Great to see your posts again. I would definitely love to have a velomobile when I move to a flatter area, but for now my ICE trike is great fun in the mountainous area that I live in. I always enjoy reading your blog. Lori in California, USA.

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