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Willkommen auf meinem Blog.

Ich schreibe (auf Englisch) über das Leben am Niederrhein, über das Fahrrad fahren, deutsche Torten und Kuchen – und was mir sonst alles des Weges kommt. Jede Menge Fotos gibt es ebenfalls. Ich hoffe, dass Du viel interessantes findest.

Beste Grüße, Auntie Helen


“There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made out of rainbow, stuffed with cloud; in this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard.” Jerome K Jerome in Three Men On The Bummel.

This is not quite true! There is a world of a comfortable bicycle seat and it is the world of recumbent bikes and velomobiles. For extra stability I have an extra wheel and I have an exceptionally comfortable mobile deckchair which I use to pootle around (in 2009 I covered 12,000 miles).

As a keen recumbent tricyclist and lover of Germany and its cake, what could be better than combining my two interests by cycling in Germany and eating lots of cake! In April 2014 I moved to Germany to experience life in a different country, and I chose a wonderfully flat part of the world (the Niederrhein area) which is ideal for velomobiles or recumbent trikes.

Six Wheels in Germany

I’m writing various posts about life in Germany under the heading ‘Six Wheels In Germany‘.

Cycle Tours

This blog has reports written daily on each of my cycle tours. Use the header at the top (“Cycling in Germany”) to give you the list of cycle tours – click on the title of the tour and you’ll reach a page with a summary of all the blog posts.

I have also written a few posts about cycling in the UK and they are available under the menu “Cycling in England“.

About me

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About my velomobiles and trike

I have a Flevobike Versatile velomobile called Penelope which I bought in January 2014. You can read about my rides on Penelope around Niederrhein in Germany using the menu item ‘Penelope the Velomobile‘.

You can also read about my ICE Sprint recumbent trike, Alfie, received in July 2011 – including lots of photos of assembling it, servicing the Alfine hub gear, servicing the brakes, even building a shed to fit him in! This is all in the menu “Alfie the Trike” at the top of the page.

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  1. Safe journey and have a great time!

  2. Bite the street Helen!!!! You’re a great one!!!
    Greetings from Italy

  3. Oh great . I’m cycling Europe starting 30th May and spending approx 6 wks in Germany . Information gleamed . Thanks and safe journey .

  4. steve

    Hi helen, what model is your old bike and where did you get it from? thanks Steve

  5. Hi Helen, I just came here after ICE posted it on twitter, could you please get in contact if you have time, I have a couple of questions regarding the sprint. I am raising funds just now to buy one because I am no longer able to cycle upright http://www.gofundme.com/Gkam84

  6. Jim

    Just read your article in the CTC magazine. 8,000 miles a year!!! Wow – that is amazing – you must be so fit. An inspiring read – good for you 🙂

  7. It is awesome model recumbent bike. Where did you get it from?

  8. Exceptionally useful guide to Alfine Oil Change thank you.

    (Almost) looking forward to Rosie’s first change when the bits arrive tomorrow!

  9. Glen Beckley

    I’d like to rent a recumbent trike in Berlin, Germany. Do you know of a shop where I could rent one?

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