Churches in Kreis Viersen 91-98

This is the tenth and final batch of church visits that I’ve blogged about.

You can read about 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70 and 71-80 and
Churches in Kreis Viersen 81-90 as well.

Churches visited this time

Churches in Kreis Viersen 91-98

91. Hoffnungskirche, Schiefbahn
92. Kloster Mülhausen
93. St Peter und Paul, Leutherheide
94. Sankt Laurentius, Elmpt
95. Herz-Jesu Kirche, Dülken
96. St Peter, Viersen-Bockert
97. St Bernhard Klosterkirche, Schiefbahn Knickelsdorf
98. Kapelle in Irmardisstift Altenheim, Süchteln

And here is the map of all the churches in Kreis Viersen – that I have now visited! All 98 of ’em!

Churches in Kreis Viersen 1-98

91. Hoffnungskirche, Schiefbahn

Schwanenheide, 47877 Willich-Schiefbahn
I’ve visited this church loads of times as it’s where my choir practices but I hadn’t actually officially ‘bagged’ it until a year after my first visit.

Schiefbahn Hoffnungskirche

92. Kloster Mülhausen

Kloster Mülhausen Hauptstraße 87 47929 Grefrath

I cannot tell you how many times I have cycled past this Kloster (Monastery) which is now a school and various other things, but I think it also still functions as a church.

Kloster Muelhausen 1

Kloster Muelhausen 2

93. St Peter und Paul, Leutherheide

When I visited this church I realised I had not, in my entire 13 months in Kreis Viersen, ever cycled down this road! So it was a new place to visit, and a lovely little church.

St Peter Paul Leutherheide 1

St Peter Paul Leutherheide 2

Laar Lucia Kapelle

Here I must also mention a chapel that I visited – only to discover it was a tiny one, not a chapel where one might have services. It was in Laar which is in the middle of nowhere really and it was a lovely tranquil spot. But it doesn’t count as a church for this challenge as it is too small!

Laar Lucia Kapelle

Laar Lucia Kapelle Info

94. Sankt Laurentius, Elmpt

Laurentiusstraße 13, 41372 Niederkrüchten

St Laurentius Elmpt 1

I arrived at this church in Penelope, put on the parking brake and got out, and a lady hailed me from across the road. “Hello Helen!”

Lo and behold it was Silke, the landlady of the Ferienwohnung in Nettetal-Sassenfeld that I had stayed in a couple of years ago. A very small world as Elmpt is not that near Nettetal and I was up a tiny road. Anyway we had a chat for a few minutes (she was about to go into work) and she took a photo of me outside the church.

St Laurentius Elmpt 2

95. Herz-Jesu Kirche, Dülken

Kreyenbergstr. 1, 41751 Viersen-Dülken-Nord

I visited this church on such a windy day that I couldn’t initially get out of Penelope to take a photograph. This was partly because the church buildings created a kind of wind-tunnel effect which meant I was afraid of breaking Penelope’s door lid if I opened her. Eventually I rode to another part of the courtyard which wasn’t so windy and was able to escape. Consequently I haven’t got a decent photo of the whole church.

Herz Jesu Kirche Duelken 1

Herz Jesu Kirche Duelken 3

Herz Jesu Kirche Duelken 2

96. St Peter, Viersen-Bockert

Pastor-Lennartz-Platz 1, 41748 Viersen

This church was visited on my last church-bagging trip with just three left on the list. Klaus accompanied me for this trip and designed a route that took in these quite far-flung churches.

St Peter Bockert 1

St Peter Bockert 2

97. St Bernhard Klosterkirche, Schiefbahn-Knickelsdorf

Albert-Oetker-Straße 98-102, 47877 Willich-Schiefbahn

This building is part of a large area of Schiefbahn which was owned by Albert Oetker (he of the Dr Oetker pizzas fame). The church was tucked away behind the other buildings and we didn’t see a very obvious front door for it either, but it was an interesting octagonal design.

St Bernhard Schiefbahn

98. Kapelle in Irmgardisstift Altenheim, Süchteln

Bergstraße 54, 41749 Viersen

I have actually been inside the chapel in this new Old People’s Home to sing with the choir but I went by car so it doesn’t count for this challenge!

But for the very last church in my Churches in Kreis Viersen challenge I went by trike (with Klaus) and, due to not having the site as a waypoint on my Garmin, we spent a fruitless five minutes looking for it (I only knew vaguely where it was) and in the end we gave up as we were going to be late for lunch, so we headed back from our search – past the very place we were looking for!

Irmgardisstift Altenheim Kapelle

Irmgardisstift Altenheim Kapelle 2

Task completed

I have now visited all the churches in Kreis Viersen (that still have services), as well as several small chapels which were on maps but turned out not to have services.

I estimate I have covered about 3000km in total visiting these churches.

The next challenge is all the windmills and watermills in Kreis Viersen – there are about 25 of those altogether so it is a much easier challenge. I will also do all of these starting in Viersen itself (at Klaus’s house on our rides together) rather than starting in Kempen.

I have already made significant progress on these – if you want the link to the windmills/watermills map it is here:

Thanks for reading!

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