Churches in Kreis Viersen 71-80

This is the eighth batch of church visits that I’ve blogged about. It’s been a while since I’ve added to this as I’ve mostly been riding in the dark (to my choir or language course) which has meant it’s tricky to take photographs but I did visit a few churches over the winter months and now the nice weather is arriving I will hopefully bag the last fifteen or so within the next couple of months.

You can read about 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60 and 61-70 as well.

Churches visited this time

Churches in Kreis Viersen 71-80

71. St Konrad, Willich
72. St Maria, Neersen
73. Johanniskirche, Viersen-Süchteln
74. Christuskirche, Dülken
75. St Cornelius, Dülken
76. Evangelische Kirche, Waldniel
77. Kreuzkirche, Viersen
78. Josefskirche, Viersen
79. St Maria Hamm, Viersen
80. St Helena, Viersen-Helenabrunn

And here are all the churches I have been to so far.

Churches in Kreis Viersen 1-80

71. St Konrad, Willich-Anrath

Grenzweg 76, 47877 Willich

On a cycle ride along the Niers river I spotted this church.

St Konrad Willich

This church is now a Denkmal (monument). It lies in the middle of a small settlement along the Niers river. It was built in 1935.

72. St Maria, Neersen

Minoritenplatz 4, 47877 Willich-Neersen

I regularly visit Neersen for my choir practices (although the choir meets in the Evangelische Kirche) but hadn’t previously ventured along the high street as the choir church is to the north side of Neersen. I was a little early for the practice in late August so decided to pop along and see the church – which turned out to be very large and a significant site with lots going on.

St Maria Neersen 1

It was a very interesting design with old and new themes.

St Maria Neersen 2

The church community began in 1798 when it belonged to the town of Anrath. Previously there was a monastery which was closed after the French revolution, although a couple of monks remained and were part of the new church when it was built.

In 1960 the church was renewed, using parts of the old Kloster building.

73. Johanniskirche, Viersen-Süchteln

Johannesstraße 70, Rheinischen Kliniken Viersen

This Church is part of the Rheinischen Kliniken Viersen which appears to be some kind of hospital/care complex. I visited the church for a concert of gospel music so of course had to take the opportunity to ‘bag it’ for this challenge as well.

Johanniskirche Viersen Exterior

It had a very interesting exterior with the different colour bricks.

The interior was plain and the acoustics were pretty echoey for the singing.

Johanniskirche Viersen Interior

74. Christuskirche, Dülken

Martin-Luther St 2A, 41751 Viersen-Dülken

I’d cycled past this church a few times when on various cycle tours and not had a chance to stop so decided I definitely ought to bag it and set out on an evening ride.

Christuskirche Duelken

75. St Cornelius, Dülken

Mosel St 6, 41751 Viersen-Dülken

This is a really impressive-looking church and unfortunately I couldn’t fit it all in shot with my phone!

St Cornelius Duelken

I really liked the architecture including very interesting flying buttresses.

St Cornelius Duelken close-up

76. Evanglische Kirche, Waldniel

Lange St, 41366 Schwalmtal

As you can see, by the time I arrived at this church it had got a trifle dark!

Ev Kirche Waldniel

Ev Kirche Waldniel 2

77. Kreuzkirche, Viersen

Hauptstraße 124, 41747 Viersen

This was, for once, a very attractive Evangelische Kirche, an old-fashioned brick building rather than a concrete monstrosity!

Viersen Kreuzkirche

78. Josefskirche, Viersen

An der Josefskirche 15, 41747 Viersen
This church was so big, and surrounded by buildings, that I couldn’t get a good photograph of it at all!

Josefskirche Viersen 1

Here’s a picture from their website of the whole building.

79. St Maria Hamm, Viersen

Pastor-Grünig-Platz 4, 41748 Viersen

This was a sweet little church tucked in amongst some houses with an old people’s home opposite (linked?)

St Maria Hamm Viersen

80. St Helena, Viersen-Helenabrunn

Heimerstraße 9, 41748 Viersen

A lovely church but up a pretty steep hill.

Viersen Helenabrunn


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