Cycling in Germany

For over 10 years I have enjoyed various cycle tours in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Click in the links to find the menu pages for the tours.

2009: Mosel tour – first ever bike tour solo with the trike along the Mosel and Rhine

2009: Main/Rhine river tour by trike with friend Pippa

2010: Düsseldorf (riding my trike around Düsseldorf for a month)

2010: Mosel by trike with James and the Wowbaggers

2011: Bayreuth to Bingen by trike (the river Main and Rhine in Germany)

2011: Berlin by trike

2011: Berlin to London by trike (I did a charity solo ride from Berlin to London)

2012: Mönchengladbach triking (checking it out as a possible place to live)

2012: Nettetal triking (checking it out as a possible place to live)

2012: Koblenz (riding my trike around Koblenz during a family holiday)

2013: Konstanz to Koblenz (triking along the Rhein from Konstanz to Koblenz)

2013: Romantische Straße / The Romantic Road by trike with James

2013: A week in Kempen to see if I would move there. Spoiler alert, I did!

2015: Spezi Rhine Tour

2015: Ruhrtal Radweg by trike with James

2016: Rhein Maas Tour by trike with Klaus and Claudia

2017: Kempen to Usedom to Berlin to Kempen by Velomobile

2018: Rhein-Waal-Maas Tour in two parts

2018: Helen and Klaus round the Netherlands by Velomobile

2019: Bodensee (to Lake Constance and back by Velomobile)

2020: Kylltal and Mosel by trike during the Coronavirus pandemic

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